Sunday, August 17, 2008


Check it. Went to water batteries the other day and this snake, the same who I always see eating chicken eggs out in the hen house was hanging out in my house on my batteries. Which are kept clean btw so there should not be any concern about the snake getting acid on it's belly. I kept trying to pick it up and get it outside and it kept slithying out of my hands back onto or behind the battery. After several minutes of this it started making very feebly strikes so I left it alone. I came back 20 minutes later and it was gone. I have only a small house of 840 square feet so it seems like there would not be too many places for a snake of this size to hide. I checked them. I guess it got out the same way it got in. ??? Regarding the serpent's grumpiness--it had glazed eyes. It is going to shed in a few days and I know they get pissed easily in such a state. I've escorted this one out of the hen house several times and it's never tried to bite before.

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