Sunday, November 17, 2013

I now use a multi tool when I am out and about

I have to admit that multi tools are so useful when you need to travel light. I also think that I have found the best multi tool for the money. I never really used any multi tool before because I always thought that a multi tool would be not as good as a good set of dedicated tools. Sure, that thought still stays, but when I actually started to use one, I have realized why people at speak highly about them. Reality is that I had some bad experience with multi tools in the past, because I bought a $10 Chinese multi tool (which I can’t remember the name). The tool basically broke after just a few uses. So, since that experience, I gave up with multi tools. … Until I saw one, it is a Leatherman Wave, the NEW Wave to be exact. I started reading its review and found a great multi tool comparison table, and I thought why not give it a try. To be honest with you, I was wondering if I will waste money one more time because it is quite pricey. But I was amazed with how useful and strong the tool is. Overall, the tool has 16 tools, and the few most pronounced things are very sharp knife blades and good pliers. This model has 2 versions, one with and other without electric crimper. The one with the crimper is what I bought. If you do not use crimper often, you can get the normal version. Other than the tool itself, I also bought the optional bit driver and driver extender which add more tools and versatility to the multi tool overall.
You can see more about the Wave here .

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